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MOHIT(7)                           Linux User's Manual                            MOHIT(7)


Mohit Shukla - devops engineer


mohit [--system admin] [--devops] [--sre]
[--security] [--other]


DevOps Engineer by profession, I am a tech enthusiast handling the reliability and developer operations at Instamojo. Businesses use Instamojo to instantly start, sell, manage and grow using our wide range of products & services like payments, free online store, logistics, credit & financing and more across mobile & web.

In my past roles as a system administrator for the Linux hosting companies. I get a chance to work on various virtualization technologies like KVM, XEN, and OpenVZ and Zimbra mail servers in high availability architecture.


--system admin

Extensive experience with the configuration, hardening, and tuning of various Linux distributions, including:

* CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu

Experienced in setting up a quick deployment process and configuration management with ansible and chef.

Experience with highly available Linux infrastructure like load balancers, web/application servers, and mail servers. Familiar with network-level security policies and server-level security layers like SELinux/Iptables.

Red Hat Linux Certifications:

* Red Hat Certified Engineer - RHEL 6
* Red Hat Certified System Administrator - RHEL 6


Understand the melding of developer operation in order to deliver code to the customer quickly.


Understand the requirements of application and infrastructure for architecting system design in resilient, reliable and secure way.

- Tools: Terraform, Ansible


* Consulted many payments companies to hardened their infrastructure and achieve PCI/DSS compliance certification.

- Tools: Nmap, Wireshark, Alien Vault SIEM, Nessus, OpenVas, OpenScap, maldet, w3af.

EC Council CEH Certification

* Certified Ethical Hacker - v7.1


Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.


* Instamojo

- DevOps Engineer


* Faasos

- DevOps Engineer III

* Directi Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  (now a subsidiary of Endurance International Group)

- Sr. Hosting Product Specialist


- Linux System Administrator


* E-mail: mail at imohit dot me
* Phone: +91-9910008850
* Twitter: ethicalmohit
* LinkedIn:

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