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MOHIT(7)                           Linux User's Manual                            MOHIT(7)


Mohit Shukla - the devops guy


mohit [--admin systems/database] [--cloud] [--developer]
[--security] [--other]


DevOps Engineer by profession, I am a tech enthusiast who is currently working at Faasos and responsibly handling the complete developer operations. The pursuit of Faasos is simply giving you delicious answers to #What’sForFoodToday?

A strong believer in DevOps culture and understand the melding of developer operations to quickly deliver the code to the customers.

I was previously working as a system administrator for the Linux hosting HA architectures with over 300+ servers. I had also worked on KVM, XEN and OpenVZ virtualization technologies with over 50 nodes in different locations. I did get a chance to work on email clusters with Zimbra and OpenX on Cloud and Bare metal servers.


--admin systems

Extensive experience with the configuration, hardening, and tuning of various Linux distributions, including:

* Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS
* Debian, Ubuntu, Kali

Experienced in setting up a quick deployment process and configuration management with ansible and chef.

Experience with setups highly available Linux infrastructure like load balancers, DNS servers, web/application servers, and mail servers. Familiar with network-level security policies and server-level security layers like SELinux/Iptables.

Red Hat Linux Certifications:

* Red Hat Certified Engineer - RHEL 6
* Red Hat Certified System Administrator - RHEL 6

--admin database

Experienced in configuring/managing MySql/Mongo/Redis standalone servers and replicated/clustered infrastructure.


You may find some of the scripts I made public on my GitHub repos. If you want me to write some sort of python/bash script for you then Ping me up.


Well versed in building/maintaining infrastructure on the various public cloud like AWS, GCP, and Azure.

* AWS: EC2, ECS, RDS, Elastic Cache, Route53, Cloudfront, Athena, S3, VPC, LightSail, Lambda, DynamoDB, Redshift, Autoscaling etc.

* GCP: Compute Engine, App Engine, Kubernetes, VPC, Storage, and Stackdriver.


* Understand the melding of security in the cloud as well as traditional infrastructure.

* Assisted many companies to get PCI/DSS compliance certificate by hardening their servers/network.

- Tools: Nmap, Wireshark, alien vault ossim, Nessus, openvas, openscap, maldet, w3af.

EC Council CEH Certification

* Certified Ethical Hacker - v7.1


Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Enthusiast.


* Faasos

- DevOps Engineer


* Directi Web Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  (now a subsidiary of Endurance International Group)

- Sr. Hosting Product Specialist


- Linux System Administrator


* E-mail: mail at imohit dot me
* Phone: +91-9910008850
* Twitter: ethicalmohit
* LinkedIn:

Mohit Shukla                          2018-03-02                                  MOHIT(7)